Meet Tracie:

Tracie has been an educator for 27 years. Though her degree is in Art Education with an additional focus on English and Writing, her teaching focus has evolved right along side of her life journey. From art to adoption; spirituality to nutrition and wellness; and most recently, her message has grown to include grieving, healing and growing through loss and trauma.

Tracie has been married for 27 years to her husband John, is mother to 7 amazing children (4 who entered her heart through adoption, 3 of whom have special needs), and “Noni” to one magical grandchild. Her youngest son Mattie died in 2014 just before his 4th birthday. His life and his death have been one of her greatest teachers.

Tracie is available to speak at events covering topics such as marriage, parenting, parenting children through trauma and grief, adoption, health and wellness, and healing and growing through grief and trauma.

Tracie vulnerable, story-telling approach to teaching (with a side of humor) will inspire and encourage you. You may find yourself wiping a few tears, but a bit of laughter will be sure to balance it out!

Talks may include, but are not limited to topics such as these:

Writing Your Own Story– Enjoy hearing Tracie’s story as she inspires you to become the author of your own story. Her story is about love and loss, about rising again over and over again, about hitting rock bottom and learning to love herself to wholeness, and discovering the power of vulnerability to heal the soul.

Grief and Healing– When tragedy of any kind pulls the rug out from under us, we have the choice to become buried in the mess, or to sit in it, feel it, and begin the slow journey of rising again. Tracie’s story is about walking out of the tomb and coming alive. What would happen if you picked up the pen and wrote a brave next chapter to your own story?

Be Well– We live in a high paced, do it all culture with pressures on every side. Tracie will talk about the valuable lessons she has learned about self care and healing as a result of her own journey through parenting, trauma, burn out, and grief.

Women’s Wellness– Tracie is available to share her story about healing after total burn out and learning to love herself back to life again through nutrition, fitness and self-care rituals. She will share the tools she used for her own healing and encouraged you to create your own healing tool box.

Embracing Your Inner Wisdom– Tracie will share her life-battle with perfectionism, and how she is learning to put the voice of the Inner Critic in its place and tap into the Inner Wisdom that is deep within. She will share her honest journey from despising positive affirmations and meditation to experience the powerful impact of them in her own life.

Marriage– growing through relationships when things don’t end up “happily ever after”. How forgiveness and love carry us through our human imperfections into relationships that become strengthened through challenge.

Parenting– Living, growing, and loving as an imperfect parent. Give yourself permission to laugh and cry as you find a friend through Tracie’s stories and her encouragement. Perfection not required for perfect parenting- only an open heart and desire to learn and grow.


Contact Tracie to speak at your women’s event, retreat, conference, church or community gathering.

Tracie is based in Kansas City, Missouri but is available to travel.