We’d love to introduce our crazy gang!

Nick is 25 years old and is an incredibly talented artist, videographer, and musician. You can follow his music page: NICK LOUX on Facebook. He married his beautiful wife, Amy in May of 2013. He works full time locally, as well as continuing in his passion for music as a song writer. Amy is an equally talented creative soul who owns a Flora Design Co here in Kansas City. Nick and Amy welcomed their daughter Millie into the family in May of 2015.

Taylor is 21 and is a gifted writer and artist. He works part time while spending a great deal of his day in developing as an artist.  He is writing and illustrating his first book, and I am thrilled that I get to be his phase one editor. It is a joy to watch his magical tale of “Wallace the Great” come to life. You can see his work on Tumblr or on Facebook.

Isabelle is 18 and is a prolific songwriter and talented musician.  She works full time with an amazing company that manufactures guitar pedals, along with both of her brothers.  She is currently going into the studio to record her first album. She plays out frequently at local events. She blows us away with her wisdom, wit and compassion. You can follow her music page BELLE on Facebook. Her album will be released in the fall of 2017, her first single “What You Wanted” is available now on iTunes

Emma is 11. She is a one of a kind, silly little girl, who has walked into our world and truly opened our hearts to a deeper understanding of God’s love. Emma was born in Ukraine, a victim of fetal alcohol exposure. She came to us delayed in so many ways, and has in just a few years time blossomed before our very eyes!

Aiden is 11. He is an absolutely pleasure. Born in Ukraine with Down syndrome, he spend the first 3 years of his life in an orphanage. The day we saw his face, we knew he was our son. He has certainly shown us time and time again that his life is absolutely a gift from God. Aiden loves Minecraft, Avatar, and eating Macaroni and Cheese.

Elia is 10. She is a joy and a delight in every way. Elia was adopted as a newborn into our family. She adores her older siblings and loves spending time as a family. She loves reading and art. She adores animals and loves the outdoors. She is a treasure to our family. Her kindness and compassion are truly remarkable.

Matthias entered our family on October 20, 2010. We are blessed beyond belief with this treasure of a little boy who was deposited in our family. Mattie was born with Down syndrome and was hospitalized the first year of life. Mattie received a tracheostomy at 4 months of age and spent the first few years of his life on ventilator support, he had two open heart surgeries in his life and also had a G-tube. He lived at home with our family , loving life and pouring joy into us all for almost 4 years. On August 21, 2014 at the healthiest time in his life, a sudden, unexpected, severe asthma attack took his life. We grief deeply as we learn to embrace his spirit that is ever present in our lives.

And MILLIE. Millie joined our family on May 19, 2015. Having a granddaughter is one of the most miraculous experiences of our lives. Millie is the magic that makes our family smile! She is now walking, writing her first song on the piano, and charming us with her list of new words and her gorgeous smile.


Updated September 2016