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Are you looking for personal support on your wellness journey?

You’ve come to the right place. My name is Tracie and I’ve had almost four years of experience walking people through their own journey to wellness. For many years, the idea of giving any attention to health and fitness was simply not on my radar. I never fluctuated more than 5 pounds on the scale and I didn’t have any major health issues. I was fully engaged with being a teacher and caring for my family. From 2007-2010 our family adopted 4 children. We went from a family of 5 to a family of 9 in a very short period of time. We traveled internationally, three of our children had special needs, our youngest had some severe health challenges and was hospitalized for extended periods of time. All that time, I was also busy building a business and quickly became a “work-aholic.” Throughout 2010-2013, my body began to show the signs of stress and burn out. In July of 2013 I had a wake up call and knew I had to do something. Over the next 6 months, I would totally transform my health, losing over 30 pounds and creating a life-style of wellness through nutrition, fitness, and making self-care a priority in my life. I was worth it and my family was worth it. 

It is my passion to encourage others like YOU on your own health and wellness journey, to help you establish goals, and to help you reach them. 

I have created a program that will help you will discover wholeness and gain strength (body, mind and spirit), discover the beauty of who YOU are, and the value of loving and caring for yourselves in meaningful, intentional ways.

Tracie Loux, wellness coach

JUST BREATH: BE WHOLE, BE STRONG, BE YOU is a transformative program that is designed to help women reach deep within and discover their own wholeness, strength, and worth. I’ve designed this 4 week program for women who want something simple and easy to follow, who thrive on connection and accountability, and who are willing to look at more than just the number on the scale as they endeavor to create a life-style of freedom, vitality and strength.

Your 4 Week Wellness Coaching will Provide:

MEAL PLANS– easy to follow meal plans with multiple options to fit your life.

FITNESS PLANS– 20-30 minute at home workouts, and the option of gym-based workouts for those who desire.

PERSONAL GROWTH– guided meditation, affirmations, daily encouragement for your spirit and mind.

CONNECTION– becoming part of a tribe of other like-minded women who are working toward similar goals.

EMPATHY– daily access to a coach with an open heart of understanding and compassion for the journey that is uniquely yours.

ACCOUNTABILITY– online daily support and encouragement from me and from a beautiful tribe of women.


I would recommend this program to every woman I know! I cannot say enough good things about Tracie and the community she has created. As a clinician, I appreciate how she has considered not only how to help women achieve the health goals of the program, but also the emotional support needs that accompany any endeavor to make big changes. Typical programs like this promote self-punishing and self-shaming self-talk (I was “good” today, I had a “bad” day, etc.) Tracie has built a strong tribe of like-minded women who support and encourage each other from a positive, rather than punitive place. She has created a holistic approach- this program includes everything from community support to meal plans to mindfulness tools (including beautiful and healing live weekly meditations with her husband playing music). The best part is that participation is at whatever level you are comfortable with- if you’re not much for online chatting, then don’t! If you just need to check in and read inspiring messages from women then bounce out and get on with your day, then do! I will continue to do this for myself and recommend it to clients!  -Britt Frank, LSCSW, LCSW, SEP

Tracie’s Just Breathe Wellness Program was just what I needed.  My life is in a place where many things seem to be unraveling.  I know that self care is of utmost importance for me during this time.  I wasn’t looking for it, and truly didn’t realize I needed it; but through this community, I found a space overflowing with simplicity, flexibility, grace, love, friendship and encouragement. And even though I didn’t follow every recommendation, the gentle daily encouragement, reminders, affirmations, meditations, meal plans and workouts kept me right on track when I could have easily been derailed.  I will do this again and again. Thank you, Tracie and everyone from Month 1. –Missy, Yoga Instructor 

What a journey! I have exercised more this month than I have in awhile, I continue my quest for clean eating for myself and our family, and I have allowed myself time- time to write, time to cry, time to read and pray, time for emotion. So, I may not have lost weight or inches yet, but I am loosing burdens not meant for my shoulders and experiencing peace that was left for me. I’m loosing the weight of stuffing my emotions and gaining freedom from releasing them. Loosing emotional and physical sickness and gaining health and wellness. Loosing control and gaining being present in the here and now. Loosing fear of not being enough and gaining perspective that I am everything I am supposed to be-and choose to be the best I can be. Thank you for this safe space. I needed it. – Lori D, Busy Momma and Business Woman

Tracie has created so much more than a fitness and nutrition plan.  She has created a place of encouragement and support with a goal of nourishing not just the body, but the mind and spirit, as well.  The community is inspirational and supportive, and each member contributes at their personal level of comfort.  I especially love the weekly meditations.  Tracie’s guidance and visualizations along with her husband’s soothing guitar playing is a perfect match!  The daily affirmations bring my focus back to self-encouragement and acceptance.  I recommend this program to all who are seeking to feel stronger and healthier, and to  love themselves in a way that increases their health in all areas! -Edna Lippi Brown, LMHC

Tracie’s coaching provides a structure with support and flexibility to meet your health goals. Since every person brings different needs and desires to the table, finding a flexible program can be very challenging. What I love about this program is that it allows each individual to set their own goals and use the tools they need to be successful. Tracie also incorporates meditation, affirmation and reflection. These tools help to get to the root of health issues. Why am I consuming so much sugar? Why am I emotionally eating? Getting to the heart of those questions leads to long-term success! I finally feel like I am respecting my body. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to make a lasting, healthy change. – Jessica Halperin

This has been a life changing program for me. I am learning to be Whole – to meditate and journal to become more in touch with my innate capacities; to treat my body to good food, sleep, exercise; to allow myself to receive and give support. I am learning to be Strong – to lean on Tracie’s amazing, uplifting affirmative support because I believe I can not walk through transformation alone; also to be vulnerable in sharing my journey with this group, and supporting each of them as they support me. I am learning to be ME – to make self-care a priority so that I can become a better wife and mother, to live my truth. This program can be as light as one desires, or a deep transformative process. There is only love here. – Terri Datika

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