While planning my December Just Breathe women’s wellness group, it became clear to me that the focus should be

“Giving Loving Kindness to Yourself and Others.” 

I would love to have you join me for December Just Breathe, walking into the busy holiday season with our hearts tuned into loving kindness for ourself and for others.


Join me as we step into wholeness: body, mind and spirit, discover the beauty of our lives, and embrace the value of loving and caring for ourselves with intention. Our daily affirmations for the month will be focused on Loving-Kindness, as will our weekly meditations.  We will slow down and allow space for kindness to grow in our words, thoughts, and actions both towards ourselves and others.


Consider giving this program as a gift so someone in your life, as a way of saying, “I believe in you. You’re worth it!”

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Make sure you check out the TWO MONTH Discount and the GIFT CERTIFICATE option! 

And for anyone who would like to participate in an online challenge, I invite you to “25 Days of Kindness. Because all of us have different schedules, the sequence of this challenge is not as important as accomplishing each act of kindness. So feel free to move them around if your day requires it. I would love to have you share some (or all) of your experiences with me on social media either with word or imagery. Please use the hashtag #justbreathekindness so I can find you, and feel free to tag me as well!

These are simply prompts- feel free to interpret and accomplish them with your own personal creative flare.



December Only- $40

December and January- 2 months for $65

December plus a Gift Certificate for a friend- $65 

 Gift Certificate- $40 (if giving for Christmas, can be used January, February or March)

-ask about discount for multiple gift certificates

Please include recipient details in memo (can email to you, or mail to the recipient on your behalf)