Hang on while I get all scientific about LOVE and ROCKS! The rocks that I’m talking about here are those people in my life who have stuck beside me through thick and thin. I have a beautiful collection of them, and I’ve learned to spot gems on my journey through life. My collection is small but beautiful. I’m into quality not quantity, rare beauty not the superficial. My gems are the kind that are resilient, strong, and vulnerable. They glow and sparkle, they reflect the kind of beauty that only comes from being broken and cracked wide open. Let me tell you a little bit about the science behind my love of rock collecting.

Rocks are identified by six characteristics: hardness, luster, color, crystal structure, streak, and cleavage/fracture. 
HARDNESS measures a minerals resistance to being scratched, a 10 being unscratchable. The gems in my collection have been through some of the most painful and challenging life circumstances and are completely scratch resistant!
The LUSTER refers to the shine and sparkle of a rock. My gems are beautiful beyond measure- pure sparkle and light!
The COLOR of a rock helps identify it but isn’t its total identity. My collection is breathtakingly beautiful- each stone being a unique one of a kind color!
The CRYSTAL STRUCTURE refers to the edges and angles of a rock. My collection contains the most unique, one of a kind gems that are reflective of beauty, strength and love on all sides. They are many-faceted gems indeed!
The STREAK is the mark the rock leaves behind when they rub up against another rock. I remember doing this as a kid at the side of a stream gathering rocks and looking for the special ones that had beautiful color that I would paint with. My special collection today is full of every color imaginable, and I will never be the same because I have “rubbed up against” some amazing stones!

The CLEAVAGE of a rock (it’s ok you can giggle) measures how they break and fracture. All of the rocks in my collection have been broken or cracked wide open, but each time they have risen back up more beautiful and stronger than before! I love broken rocks!

I wish you could see my private rock collection, stones of pure love and light, full of color and sparkle, broken but more beautiful because of it! I’m going to keep rubbing up against them for a very long time because I like the streak they leave on me! Friends, pick the rocks in your life careful, and never take the true gems for granted!



Photo credit: freestock.ca ♡ dare to share beauty via VisualHunt.com / CC BY