So the other day, I was mediating and praying, and I had this picture that there was something more for me “just over the edge”- both personally in my own healing journey and in my work of helping others grow and heal from trauma, grief, burn out, and the pressures of life.

I saw myself walking up a grassy knoll to the top of a hill where the “other side” was not visible until I got to the top. But I saw myself from overhead, walking upward with no idea of the beauty just on the other side of the unseen. But it was there, and I was walking.
And I wrote this:

Don’t quit now
What if you’re just a few more steps
From the edge of the unseen beauty
That awaits you
Maybe a moment more into your story
You’ll peer over the edge of the knoll
And see the place of life and freedom
That you’ve been longing for.
Keep going
Follow the path
Your heart already knows and believes
That you’re almost there.

It was later that day that a downpour of creativity and openness came, and from that space my new program “JUST BREATHE: Be Whole, Be Strong, Be You” was born. It was like my heart exploded, and I could feel it and see it all- women coming together in beauty and vulnerability, pain and strength, bringing with them their fears and their deep power to overcome. And we did it. And it was sacred and beautiful- it was a walk up the grassy hill into a space of peace and hope and healing.

My first group is coming to a close and we are ready to launch the June 1st group.

I want you to join me. I want you to come too. I want you to lay aside your fears and judgements and pick up hope. I want you step into grace and freedom, and let yourself be seen and heard in this healing space. This program is not an “all or none’ program, it is about moving forward, moment by moment into wholeness. It is about taking steps forward to wellness in body through nutrition and fitness, as well as developing habits that cultivate mind and spirit healing.

Listen to what Missy had to say about her first month in the program:

Tracie’s Just Breathe Wellness Program was just what I needed.  My life is in a place where many things seem to be unraveling.  I know that self care is of utmost importance for me during this time.  I wasn’t looking for it, and truly didn’t realize I needed it; but through this community, I found a space overflowing with simplicity, flexibility, grace, love, friendship and encouragement. And even though I didn’t follow every recommendation, the gentle daily encouragement, reminders, affirmations, meditations, meal plans and workouts kept me right on track when I could have easily been derailed.  I will do this again and again. Thank you, Tracie and everyone from Month 1. –Missy, Yoga Instructor 

You can read more about the program HERE, and click the link to register.


Photo via VisualHunt