My life was shaken to the core on August 21, 2014. I didn’t ask for it. It wasn’t part of my plan, but I had to choose to live and not die. I chose to rise.

I share this in detail in the post “When the Pen Drops”, where I wrote:

And then one day I rose, I grabbed the pen with desperation. I stood up and knew I must begin writing a new chapter, words of hope and healing, words on coming alive. I knew that if I was going to allow love to grow, I could not allow pain to win. I would not let this story end with me as a captive victim to grief. So I wrote, “And she carried Grief on her back because of Love. She called out to Love and welcomed him to her side. She called herself ‘Brave’ as she put her foot to the trail. She ran into Hope and Happiness and shyly asked them to come along. She never turned Sadness away when she walked by, she took her by the hand and they remembered The Boy who changed her world. Darkness would come and go, but she knew how to turn her face to the Light. With every breath, she learned how to inhale hope and exhale pain. With every footstep along the path, she stepped further and further into hope. And when she paused to watch the sun rise, she took a moment to absorb all the love and courage that called for her to come, just a little further. 

A few months ago, I was invited to share my story for a video called “The Courage to Imagine”- the courage to imagine a life differently that the one I had dreamed, the courage to imagine healing in the midst of pain, the courage to imagine that grief could cause me to grow in strength, compassion, and kindness. So here it is, the story of creating beauty from ashes, of creating a place of healing out of a place of pain, and of finding the courage to do it all.