If you’ve felt rejected, misunderstood, beaten down, betrayed.

If you’ve felt abandoned and alone,

In a dark tomb.

Today is a good day to rise.

Today is a good day to stand up.

And write a brave, new chapter to this life you’ve been given.

Jesus showed us the way of rising.

All of creation reflects this-

Rising again.

I can rise.

You too can rise.

My friend,

The pain comes and we become tomb dwellers- it’s natural, it’s what we do. We crawl into the tomb, and we are present with the raw pain, we wear it like grave clothes, it envelops us like a linen shroud. We feel it in every fiber of our being, in every cell, like blood draining from our veins, we feel the pain. And the tomb is necessary, the same way the flowers sink into the earth each winter, like the trees dropping their dry, crips leaves, like the animals making their way deep into the depths of burrows and caves- the tomb is part of life.

And we wait. We wait for it. We wait for that moment, that shift, that knowing, that it is time.

Time to rise.

We feel the breath return to our lungs, we inhale, we feel strength slowly returning, and we begin to rise. There is a stone to roll away, so we take yet another life-giving breath of hope. Strength slowly begins to return, and we place our hands to the stone. Another deep breath, and a knowing that we are stronger than we were when we entered the tomb. We push. Sometimes just enough to let a crack of light slip in. We might then rest in the moment- breathe again and ready our hearts for another push. It’s rarely a giant push that rolls the stone aside, more often it is one brave push, and then another, and then another.

As the light grows brighter, we notice that on the ground lies the shroud that has fallen from our back. We stand a little taller and brush the dust from our grave clothes. We feel life returning. Our skin feels alive, our heart is beating again with the rhythm of life. We step fully into the Light and we know that we have been changed. We have risen and been made new. The pain, the tomb, the rising- it has birthed in us something new and unfamiliar. We take our first step in this new creation that we have become and we know that we will never be the same. 

We have risen into strength, into love, into wisdom. 

Today is a good day to rise, my friend.

And if not today, if you’re still in the tomb, please know it is ok.

Wait for it, wait for that moment when you know it is time to rise. 



Photo via Visual Hunt