What kind of power is in those four words?





They settle upon the lonely, broken, aching heart like warm blanket.

These simple words of vulnerable strength say, “Me too.”

So to you, my friend, I want you to know you are not alone.

There are many souls who have gone before you and felt your pain, they’ve born a burden much like your own, they’ve walked a similar path.

This life is full of pain- loss, separation, brokenness, pain, strife, loneliness.

To the worn out mother parenting her children alone, to the man struggling to find his identity in a sea of pressure, to the parents standing at a graveside, to the couple holding on to hope that what’s left of their marriage can survive, to the new momma who feels the grip of depression slipping over her love-filled heart, to the young woman suffering in a broken body, to the one who has been betrayed, to the family facing a diagnosis that terrifies, to the widow who clings to the empty space in her bed at night, to the children standing at their mother’s bedside as she lives her last days, to the young woman who wonders if she will ever find someone to love, to the young man battling addition yet hoping for freedom, to the sweet mother who has faced so much sorrow that she fears life may never feel good again, to the young man who has been rejected because of who he loves, to the old man who has lost it all fearing his final days will be lived alone, to the father who longs to hold his son again, to the precious souls who battle mental illness in a world where they are misunderstood, to the child who has lost his childhood because of disease, to those simply longing for love and belonging.

You. Are. Not. Alone.

You may feel very alone, but sometimes in the simple utterance of your struggle, in the very act of reaching out to a friend, allowing yourself to be vulnerable with someone you love, you will discover that you are not the only one. And there is something about feeling known that opens a place for healing.

Reach out. Connect. Speak your truth, and just wait to see who might come to stand at your side and love you through. Sometimes love and understanding comes in unexpected ways.

And to those of you rising out of places of deep pain, be there. Be present for those who need to have someone reach down into the pit to offer hope.

Be a light bearer. Be an offering of peace and love.

Stand along side and offer, “Me too. You are not alone.”



If you are looking for a place of healing support, please reach out to me on Facebook, I have a beautiful Facebook group called “Healing Together: Body-Mind-Spirit after Trauma or Loss”



Photo credit:  via VisualHunt.com