Once upon a time there was a tiny dragon.

He was the kindest, bravest dragon in all the land.

A peaceful dragon who cared for the kingdom where he had been sent,

To love big,

To share his brave heart,

And to touch others with the kindness that filled his soul.

He wasn’t a fire breathing dragon,

He was a love-breathing dragon.

This Tiny Dragon faced battles and obstacles along his journey.

He never once complained.

He never took his eyes of his mission.

Even on the darkest days when he was confined to his cave,

He managed to shine his light over the kingdom,

To breathe love over them all.

Beautiful and loving Maidens would rush to his side,

It looked to some as though they were waiting on him.

The secret was that they just wanted to be closer to the light that poured from his face.

Brave and kindhearted Knights would appear to serve him,

But deep down they just wanted to soak up the Tiny Dragon’s magical powers.

The Children of the kingdom would play at his feet,

Singing magical songs and making him laugh with their smiles.

They knew that he was more than just a tiny dragon.

He taught them to be kind and gentle and brave and strong.

He showed them how to love with abandon.

The Keepers of the Tiny Dragon,

Were captivated by his magical powers,

The moment they were asked to give him care.

They held the tiny dragon in their arms every day,

And whispered words of love and gratitude.

They stood by his side at every battle,

Their hearts swelling with pride at his bravery and courage.

The tiniest of dragons became their teacher,

And through his eyes they learned lessons on love that would change them forever.

His breath of love filled them.

And when the day came for the Tiny Dragon to fight his last battle,

The Keepers mourned deeply.

The Children mourned deeply.

The Maidens and Knights all mourned.

The whole kingdom mourned.

Beyond the borders, those who heard the great tales of the Tiny Dragon also mourned.

And each one pledged to tell the story of the brave dragon,

For as long as they lived,

Because it was a story worth telling.

A story of love and courage and strength and kindness that had changed them all.

And it was a story that never really ended,

Because he taught them all to breathe,

So his love-breathing magic could go on and on and on.