A month ago I decided that I would be Rosie the Riveter for Halloween. No deep thought went into that decision.
I just decided I would.

Not everything has to have some deep purpose or meaning. Sometimes things can just be fun.

Or so I thought.

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And then I tried on my outfit a few days before Halloween.

And the Lord spoke to me.

Very clearly.

Before I share WHAT He said, let’s talk first about the fact that I HEARD Him.

The past 4 years have been very hard (no details needed if you know me). And in the midst of the valley, I have heard His whispers and His gentle words of love in times of trauma, but it has been harder to hear Him in other areas of my life. I know He is good and He is wise, but in the midst of my valley, He knew I needed whispers.

But as my spirit is beginning to wake up and rise up out of the valley, He knew that I was ready to hear Him again for some big stuff.

So He spoke.

He spoke? You hear God speak?

Yes, He is the WORD. And when a WORD comes into my heart and fills my mind with joy and hope, that is GOD’s voice.

He know that I am a visual “listener” so He most often speaks to me through pictures, the visual world around me.

So as I looked in the mirror and saw my reflection… and I may or may not have even tried out the “Rosie” flex in the mirror.

He said,

Tracie, like “Rosie” and the women she represented work in the factories while men were on the battlefield, you will work on the home front while others go on to the battle field fighting to rescue and  redeem lives. I’m going to increase your business and bless you with a voice and finances to support missions in a way that will blow you away. You can do it. Put your mind and your muscle to it and watch me work.

I’m a working momma. I was wired to be a business woman. It’s who I am.

And now more than ever, I’m a Momma on a Mission!


And that is what I’m going to do. With a few little heroes by my side as reminders of what redemption looks like!

Here a few families the Lord has highlighted to me in case you missed my earlier series on Families on a Mission.

The Metz Family in Ethiopia

The Block Family in Guatemala

The Twietmeyer Family in Gutatemala

The Singh Family in India

Stay tuned for information on MORE amazing families on the mission field.