We were finally able to get family pictures that included MATTIE!
Sure we’ve taken a few family photos, but to be able to get out with a photographer who we love dearly and have him capture our lives was a precious gift.

Loux Family 007


This year we added one to our family through Nick’s marriage to Amy and we are delighted to have another daughter.

Loux Family 004


OH Aiden! Silly kid. Wasn’t thrilled with the idea of standing still for photos at first.

Loux Family 107


My girls!

Loux Family 049


My Bigs! I love them so much I could just squeal. They bring me so much joy and fill my life with richness that I cannot possible explain.




Loux Family 109


The handsome men folk!


Loux Family 017


A bunch of Littles that keep us young!

Loux Family 016

Oh that you would bless me indeed and enlarge my territory. We prayed that prayer, the prayer of Jabez many ages ago.

He has enlarged.

And blessed.

We are so rich!

Rich in love.

All Photos Courtesy of Aaron James, at http://aaronjamesimagery.com/