Here’s the deal, there are so many of you following this little journey of ours, and many of you are new friends through Reece’s Rainbow or just “adoption friends. And some of you have really funny user names so when and if you ever leave a comment, I won’t know who you are!

Just for fun and to make ME really, really happy in these last 10 days before we leave, I would love for ALL OF YOU (even those of you that are family) to introduce yourselves so everyone can see who all has been supporting us and praying for us these past 5 months! I expect A LOT OF COMMENTS HERE GANG!

I have pictures coming of Aiden from the going away party coming in a few days, so if you want to see them:

1. Tell us who you are

2. Tell us how you know us

3. Tell us where you live (if you want, not mandatory)

4. Tell us why you follow this blog