After struggling with our health and having years of stress take its toll on our bodies, we have experienced incredible transformations of our body, mind and spirit through the power of nutritional cleansing, maintaining healthy fitness routines, and through developing a life giving spiritual practice.

Tracie described herself as a “Dead Woman Walking” prior to her decision to take control of my health. You can read more about her journey in this post “Getting My Life Back”.

John describes his own wake up call which he shares, here: “My Story”.

What became a desire to simply feel better quickly became a passion for living in wholeness, freedom and true vitality. We now serve as coaches to those wanting to change their lives through nutrition. We offer solutions for Weight Loss, Healthy Aging, Energy, Fitness Performance, and Skin Care.

We believe that true wellness involves giving focused care to ourselves: body,  mind and spirit. We are keenly aware of the unique stresses on the body brought on by challenging life circumstances and it is our honor to help anyone willing to take steps to experiencing freedom through balanced care.

It is our passion is to help others come alive and strong from the inside out!

We also coach a team of like-minded, passionate people who are walking into financial freedom together with passion to love, serve and give. Many of those on our team are committed to serve others through support of adoption, orphan care and missions work.

We would love to talk to you about your Health and Wellness goals.

Here’s to Freedom,

John and Tracie Loux



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